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Melbourne Driving School is a friendly team of highly experienced and government accredited driving instructors who will provide clients with a set of tools and skills to obtain their Victorian Driving Licence and to drive competently on the road. Our team of professional and patient instructors will conduct driving lessons in a friendly, relaxed and courteous manner, allowing clients to progress at their own pace.
Our driving lessons are specifically tailored to your learning abilities, confidence, skills, needs and personal goals. Your progress is assessed according to a structured Competency Based Training checklist (exclusive to Melbourne Driving School), which we have developed, to track your weekly development for faster progression and learning. This checklist will also ensure that every aspect of driving is covered so that you are well prepared for your driving test. In other words, we will cover everything required of you to pass the test successfully. 

Our cars are all late models with air-conditioning, power steering and are fitted with dual pedals so that our driving instructors have control over the situation in case of emergencies and potentially dangerous situations. In addition, for your peace of mind, we are comprehensively insured.

We provide "one one one" driving lessons at very competitive prices. Gift vouchers are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Our motto is safety, patience and professionalism at all times.

Our Mission

To deliver the highest standard of driving skills, and knowledge in a professional and friendly manner for the purpose of producing safe and responsible drivers on the road.

Our Commitment

We provide the highest quality of learner driver training and are committed to giving each student the individual attention they require to successfully equip themselves with sufficient skills to obtain their Victorian driverís licence and drive safely on the road.

Our Values

  • Provide our customers with unsurpassed customer service and professionalism

  • Groom our customers to be models of excellence to the public in driving behaviour

  • Convey only authoritative information according to guidelines provided by Vic Roads and TAC

  • Adhere to the highest ethical standards, embracing values set by the Australian Driver Trainers Association of Victoria

  • Impartially instruct our customers without regard to race, creed, religion, or influence

  • Conduct all instruction in driver education in a manner reflecting its importance to society

Our Competitive Advantage

Melbourne Driving School prides itself on safety, patience, professionalism and quality customer service. We tailor each driving program according to your learning abilities, skills, needs and personal goals. This program is developed in conjunction with you and a plan of action is then formulated. Should your personal goals or needs change over time, the program can be altered accordingly.
Vic Roads Statistics show that state wide between 45% to 55% of learner drivers are successful on there driving licence test. At Melbourne driving school our pass rate is currently between 96% to 98% !! An outstanding result which emphasises that our unique training methodology and competency based training system is successful. Our competency based training checklist is exclusive to Melbourne driving school / Academy.
This will save you $$$, time and stress compared any other driving school in Melbourne.


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